this is how it works

Operating Scheme

1 Mars-sandstorms blow sand into the pan of the scales. The especially developped form of the pans lets the sand fall out when the scale goes down. (see also detail A)

2 The energy produced by the scales is transformed and moves the crochet hook. (see also detail B)

3 After one round of the crochet hook, the transformer switches the energy to the Strickliesl-turner. The Strickliesl-turner turns the Strickliesl 90 degrees around its vertical axle. (see also detail B)

4 The Strickwurst (knitted sausage) grows by every up-and-down of the scales.

Detail A

The scales are constructed to respond to a minimum of weight.
Tests in mars-gravity-conditions showed excellent results.

Detail B

Detail B

The crochet hook lifts the thread over the hooks of the strickliesl. The strickliesl is turned.

Of course a huge amount of wool has to be transferred to mars.
We are now working on a small device that ties the ends of the wool together. That device will allow us to renew the supply of wool.

The Product

The Necessity of Strickwuerste on Mars

Mars is - compared to earth - rather cold and stony. Earthlings travelling to mars will miss soft and warming material. The most ecological way to get warming material on mars is to produce it right there.
Strickwuerste are an ideal material to make life on mars more comfortable. The inclosed air heightens the warming quality enormously. A pullover knitted out of Strickwuerste is warming 32,4 times more t! hen a normal lambswool-pullover. Therefor you will never see a Strickwuerste-pullover on earth - it would simply be too hot.
Strickwuerste stimulate human creativity. It is to be expected, that the first settlers on mars are surrounded by merely functional things. Strickwuerste can be used to give these things a friendly, biological, more human look. Settlers may use their free time to create beautiful things out of the already available Strickwuerste. It is for example really simple to create nice cussions out of Strickwuerste.