Yes,  I (single person, group, network etc.) would like to exhibit something at the
Mars Exhibition Site of THE MARS PATENT
Please include information about the way you would like your project to be realized on Mars: As a 3d-object, a dataprojection, a written or spoken text etc.
Why it should be on Mars  
Coordinates    vertical    horizontal    
Presentation Yes, I'd like to give written, visual or acoustic information on myproject to be read into the HRM_1.0n and to be published on this website.
Transportation as soon as possible
  in the future; may stay conceptual until further notice
Note: There will be no charge for transportation towards Mars through the HRM_1.0n.
Live Video  Yes, my work should be documented via live video transmission from the Mars Exhibition Site (MES)
Opening on Earth Yes,I would like to have a meeting and discussion on Earth in the office of THE MARS PATENT, Hamburg (Germany) at the occasion of the successful transportation of my project to the Mars Exhibition Site.
There is something else THE MARS PATENT should know  
Last Name  
First Name  
Attention please: Do not forget to fill in your first name. Female names only!
As a future orientated device the HRM_1.0n only reads female names as valid identities.
THE MARS PATENT committee will discuss every proposal but keeps the right to make a choice.
You will be informed as soon as possible if your proposal has been accepted by THE MARS PATENT.