Q:  I'm not a chemical scientist. Which chemical combinations are supposed to make it under the martian conditions?
A:  Attention: No carbon has been found on Mars. The extremely aggressive soil is supposed to eat carbon-combinations, as are biological matters, various plastics and rubbers. So be careful with wood or bone, with plastic sheet wrappers or the isolating material of electric wires. The high UV Radiation is to be taken into consideration for all kinds of picture projection and material duration.
Q:  If I'm not of female sex, could I register under a female name?
A:  The HRM_1.0n (High Reality Machine) is not able to control the biological identity. It's your commitment that counts.
Q:  I'don't know where I am, when I look at the projects site: in cyberspace or on Mars? Where are the projects?
A:  The projects are not on Mars, they are on the project site. Look at the 24 hours live video report to observe the Mars Exhibition Site.
Q:  THE MARS PATENT offers the first interplanetarian exhibition space - are aliens excluded? This would be alienism, wouldn't it? Quite a pity.
A:  Just think a moment. If they come up with a real e-mail address, they can always try. With a female firstname we encourage every alien to participate.
Q:  Why is the service THE MARS PATENT offered for free?
A:  The flow of information should be free. THE MARS PATENT strongly opposes the exploitation of Mars.
Q:  What does this mean, "a work which does not fit on Earth"?
A:  You'll know it, if your work is ready to transgress Earth's limitations.
Q:  How can I send living material with the High Reality Machine to Mars?
A:  We recommend strongly not to send any life form to Mars.
Q:  Is the HRM_1.0n responsible for the dislocation of the (now famous) meteorite ALH84001,0, which is said to contain life forms from Mars?
A:  No, ALH84001,0 was found in 1984. The High Reality Machine dates only from 1999. Besides the teleportation of HRM_1.0n only functions in one direction: Earth to Mars.
Q:  Is there life on Mars?
A:  No, THE MARS PATENT offers a 24 hours live video transmission from Mars (www.mars-patent/report.htm).
Q:  How can I buy a project from the Mars Exhibition Site?
A:  Once a project is transmitted to the Mars Exhibition Space, It'll stay there. The authors own the copyright. It's their choice.
Q:  I wonder, if Mars Global Surveyor ever did find any traces of the projects on the Mars Exhibition Site (MES)?
A:  NASA and JPL don't have the right to take pictures of the MES. At least these organizations didn't risk yet to publish pictures of the projects.
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