1. Geographic Situation

Mars is a dry, cold and poisonous place. This planet offers opportunities of a landscape almost untouched by human hands and furthermore of terrific beauty. The Mars Exhibition Site (MES) is located on the planet Mars near the equator in the north of a lowland area named Elysium Planitia.
The two main geographic formations are the steep volcanic mountain Hecates Tholus and the bizarre Thalamus region.
MES is a floating area run by theTHE MARS PATENT. Its slightly changing form is a elongated rectangle. Think of an area of approximately 3148 square kilometers offering a wide range of altitudes and a rocky landscape filled with incredibly sized and shaped lava and stones as well as masses of sand and red dust.

2. Geologic and Metereologic Situation

The geologic and metereologic situation on Mars is incomparable to the better known conditions on Earth. One Marsday (Sol) lasts 24 hours and 37 minutes. A year on Mars takes 687 Earthdays. Compared to gravity on Earth, gravity on Mars approximately takes one third.
Composition of
the upper slice of soil (Mars)
Composition of
atmosphere (Mars)
Al2O3 7,2% N2 2,7%
Fe2O3 18,2% Ar 1,6%
CaO 5,8% O2 0,13%
    CO 0,007%
    H2O 0,01-0,1%
The Mars Exhibition Site is almost never windstill. Storms of sand and frozen CO2 occur, mainly in the martian spring and winter season. These storms and even hurricanes shift lots of sand from one area to the other. The radiation of UV is extremely high. MES is exposed to temperatures varying between +15°C at its warmest and -123°C at its lowest. Temperatures can plunge 22°C in a matter of minutes.
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3. Specific Conditions

THE MARS PATENT is a place for art and theory and sensible to its various concepts. THE MARS PATENT will exhibit projects, considering the special situation of the Mars Exhibition Site, e.g. geographic, geologic and metereologic aspects. THE MARS PATENT offers a suitable positioning for sculptures, internet relay chats, kinetic objects, art- and mediatheories, science fiction literature, videos, sound installations, manifestos, web-art etc. (You could even try it with paintings, but please send digitized formats. Remember: There are no walls on Mars!)
THE MARS PATENT offers the MES as a challenge to Earth-culture. It asks for new solutions and concepts.

4. Technical Conditions

The projects are positioned on the Mars Exhibition Site by the HRM_1.0n
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