Have you ever dreamed of seeing works of art and theory on Mars?
Now you can!
THE MARS PATENT is an interplanetarian project founded by Helene von Oldenburg and Claudia Reiche.

THE MARS PATENT invites you to experience culture on a fascinating and promising site. Millions of miles away the red planet, Mars, now lies within your reach. Since the early days THE MARS PATENT committee has been working hard to find a discriminating place for your desires which allows a new sight on Earth.

But such a place could only be realized by means of a recently developed device, the HRM_1.0n, the "High Reality Machine". The HRM_1.0n transforms the vision of a viable martian place for your objects into reality and the mode of global sharing.

The HRM_1.0n will become a potent device in your hands to place your things on THE MARS PATENT's Mars Exhibition Site (MES):
THE MARS PATENT offers the MES to you as a free experimental area and invites every thing which does not fit on Earth but tends towards the MES. A thing? A real thing? Could be your idea, your object, your work, your protest, your desire...
THE MARS PATENT will take the full risk of handling, transporting and sustaining the concepts and objects up to MES, but can't take any guaranties for their condition on Earth.
So: Send your projects to THE MARS PATENT!
You'll find ongoing live reports from Mars on this site.
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