Von:  Opal Sidereal <opal.sidereal@gmail.com>

Betreff:  Residency on Mars

Datum:  31. März 2011 22:58:36 MESZ

We must stop / start looking for residency on March
Please, do not interpret our application for permit of residence and 
the last part of March-Patent to throw something forwards
We are prepared for anything, as close as we are, so the choice and space.

We are calling for Pat March residence program,  flow of this letter and one mind.

This message is travelling light and the fact that we could be friends with you than in March-Patent project.

Wishing this is part of an application for a patent on Mars has been approved, the second part is the open content Guide Book for Residence on Mars *
The target group of tourist guides are people thinking and travel to Mars and Mars all in your Recidency. We like you, experience and tacit knowledge 
in March & space and we would like to share this method with you and as part of March Residency Programme. Our proposal is that 
the Guide Book for Residence on Mars * is to act as an interconnected part of the project to stay on Mars. Different app
which expresses March Recidency that you receive, who was there, and it and the types of projects included in Mars. 
This means that these applications can be integrated with Guide Book for Residence on Mars* Guide to Living in Mars, published in the Marsh, one month in March.

Objective: Please note the specifications of structures and of infinite universe objectives: 
the collection of data and the structure of the Universe infinite number of different applications
Help Recidency Mars folder dream of space travel has run a first love ever.

* We have the ability to maintain an interactive web graphics Mind your site? How? See http://vue.tufts.edu/index.cfm
* Then, in March patent / a zero do you support for alternatives to WWW such as UWW for candidates from other planet, intergalactic exchange, interest from outside of Milky Way?
* What time scheme & zone system Recidency use and planning, working time and date of application? we use MTC and the date of settlement programs? See license,http://www.giss.nasa.gov/tools/mars24/
* What is a teleporter to the earth? (Dematerialisation, Dimensional teleportation, wormholes, other-..) And what Closest popular articles on methods that are available, seehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fiction_containing_teleportation?


Sputnika Wormhole & Opal*Sidereal


Von: Opal Sidereal <opal.sidereal@gmail.com>

Betreff: Residency on Mars_mind_of_minds_with_videos

Datum: 14. April 2011 20:37:53 MESZ

there are.. 
beings flowing in rivers of questioning where..
matter disappears in matter where..
ever there are characteristics where..
no notion without error where..
planetary visions of the heart of the other´s other where..
...many particles of dust in this universe of where.. 







Von: Opal Sidereal <opal.sidereal@gmail.com>

Betreff:  Residency on Mars guidebook

Datum:  28. September 2011 11:43:30 MESZ

An:  office@mars-patent.org

in the mean while, please, check out the latest Guide Book for Residency on Mars -videos ;)




best energies with <3 from all of us :) ;) ?) *)


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A phantom, a dewdrop, a bubble,

A dream, a lightning flash, a cloud;

This is how we are...

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